About Natalie

Natalie believes in a future where queer families are equal and no longer have to hide in the closet out of fear.  Born and raised in conservative Idaho, she aspires to reduce discrimination against LGBTQ+ families through the power of education and sharing her own family story.  Natalie is Pan-Demisexual and Greyromantic and is also an advocate for the Bi+ and Asexual (Ace)/Aromantic (Aro) communities.

Natalie is an author, abstract artist, and public speaker.  She previously represented Idaho on the Western Region Advisory Council for Family Equality.  She currently participates in LGBTQ+ Families Day, is a COLAGE Ambassador, sits on The Community Center board in Boise, Idaho, and is a Core Team member of Our Family App, a global and intersectional app for LGBTQ+ families.  ‘Dad #1, Dad #2: A Queerspawn View from the Closet’ is her first book.

For more information, check out her recent interviews and watch her 2018 TEDxBoise talk:

*To read about Natalie’s travels, check out her blog: gadabouttheglobe.com