It’s been a year and a half since I started this journey. When I went to my family during the summer of 2015 and told them that I wanted to share our story, I was terrified that they would say no. After all, we’d spent 2 decades hiding. But my dad was retired at that point and my dads had finally legally married. And I was pleasantly surprised when they all gave permission.

I can’t believe that I’m finally at the point where I’m done writing my book and have signed a publishing contract…yet, here I am. Now we’re doing copy/line edits, book covers, book layout, recording a book trailer and setting up this author site.

Thank you for joining me here! I’m so very happy to have my author site up and running. I’ve been blogging for some time, although until now, most of it has been on my travel blog. I’ve very excited to now have a blog on this site too, as there are many non-travel issues that I’d like to write about.

So, what will I be doing with this blog? I’ve decided to keep my travel and author sites separate as the topics are very different and some people may only want to follow me on one or the other. This site will be dedicated to my book and LGBTQ issues in general. My goal is to post here twice a month. Some of the ideas that I have for this blog: family stories that I wasn’t able to fit into my book, lessons I’ve learned from my parents, LGBTQ advocacy, and answering readers’ questions about my life and family.

I love connecting with people and my goal with this book and website is to help educate people about families like mine. I welcome questions, even if you are unsure how to ask them. Just do the best that you can and part of my response will incorporate terminology if some of the language you use isn’t considered ‘correct’.

Finally, please let me know if you have any feedback regarding what you’d like to see here. I’m open to suggestions and would like this to be a space that is useful for my readers.

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