Items are painted wood
*Many quotes incorporated in Natalie’s artwork are from her writing

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Click here for Abstract artwork

State Pieces:
22 inch wooden Idaho painted with single pattern  22 inch wooden Idaho painted with double pattern and quote
22 inch Idaho – with and without quote

11 x 14 panel; State w/quote
(can be done with any of the 50 states)

Hanging Signs:

  9.5 x 18 inch ‘Rainbow Family’ sign

  8.25 x 17.75 inch Queerspawn Plaque

  12 x 12 Hanging Flag; Bi or Trans with quote


  11 x 14 Flag – with and without quote

  16 x 20 Dual flags;
(can be made with any 2 flags)


  11 x 14 Arrow Pattern

   12 x 16 Mandala

   16 x 20 Rainbow Flower

  16 x 20 Lips with quote